Make real snow at home with our lineup of professional home snowmaking equipment.
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We are dedicated to helping homeowners and small businesses make real snow. While some companies charge high prices for ordinary items, we seek to educate about the process so you can make an informed purchasing decision.
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At Snow State, we believe that building trust is key to successful relationships with our clients. We are committed to supporting and growing the home snowmaking community.
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Looking to rent a snow machine for your next outdoor event? Our mobile snowmaking service brings the snow to you. We create a winter wonderland, on demand!
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Snow State Snowmaking

Welcome to Snow State, the ultimate home snowmaking resource! We love making snow, and want to share that joy with you. Our mission is to bring the joy of real snow to as many people as possible through our products, services, and educational resources.

At Snow State, we focus on innovation, constantly developing ways to improve home snowmaking. Our goal is to be a trusted voice – the go-to source for information about the home snowmaking hobby. We want to help support and expand the snowmaking community.

We enjoy hearing from fellow snowmaking enthusiasts, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions!

Enjoying a sled ride on a large pile of home made snow

Our Services

Snow State's professional-quality home snowmaking equipment

Home Snowmaking Equipment

Our lineup of professional-quality home snowmaking machines and accessories allow you to make real snow in your own backyard.

Engineered for worry-free performance, we have products to meet every budget and level of interest: from DIY snowmaking nozzle kits to plug-and-play snow machines.

Educational Information

Dedicated to helping homeowners and small businesses make real snow, we seek to educate about the process so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

With a background in atmospheric science, we can explain the “why” behind the “how”. We seek to provide a wealth of knowledge in addition to quality snowmaking products.

Performing the glove test to assess performance of the nucleation nozzle on a snow gun
Snowmaking for the snowman building contest hosted by Centre County Parks and Recreation

Snowmaking Service

Looking for snow machine rental for your next event? With our mobile snowmaking service, we bring the snow to you!

This service is perfect for winter weddings, parties, and corporate events. Whether you’re in need of a White Christmas or want to build a private ski and sledding slope, we’ve got you covered!

The Snowmaking Process

Our snow machines use a mixture of air and water under pressure to create snow in sub-freezing weather conditions. Our snow is 100% real snow with no chemical additives, made from your home’s water supply. Thus, it is completely safe for children and pets.

The snow is the perfect consistency for building snowmen, sledding hills, igloos, and backyard ski and snowboard parks. Also, it is more resilient to melting than natural snow of similar depth, allowing you to enjoy your snow for days, weeks, and even months after production!

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