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Turn your backyard into a winter wonderland with the Snow Squall Snow Gun, the most cost-effective home snowmaker on the market today!

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Choose an adapter to connect your air hose to the snow gun.
Choose an adapter to connect your high pressure water hose to the snow gun.
Tripod stand kit add-on: choose whether to purchase a stand kit from us or build one yourself! Garden hose adapter: add our garden hose to air compressor adapter, allowing you to use a garden hose as your air line (recommended).
Enter the rated air delivery (cfm @ 90 psi) of the air compressor you will use with this snow gun.
Enter the water flow rating (gpm) of your pressure washer pump you will use with the snow gun.
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Snow State’s “Snow Squall” Snow Gun offers guaranteed performance without breaking the bank. Operating with as little as 2 cfm of air, the Snow Squall uses less air than any other home snow gun on the market today, making it a low-cost alternative to other home snowmaking systems.

Featuring an innovative internal nucleation system, the Snow Squall requires no adjustments. Unlike external mixing designs, flowing water inside the internal nucleation manifold prevents freeze-ups, even during long runs and very cold conditions. Sleep soundly while the snow piles up – no need to wake up in the middle of the night to de-ice the equipment!

Like all Snow State products, the Snow Squall is highly customized to make quality snow with your equipment. Based on the specifications of your air compressor and pressure washer, as well as your local climate, we select the proper nozzle configuration to optimize snow production and keep the equipment running smoothly.


To operate this snow gun, an air compressor and pressure washer are required and must be purchased separately. Like all of our snow guns, cold weather is required for snow production, so this may not be suitable for warm climates.

  • Air requirement: An air compressor rated for at least 2 cfm @ 90 psi
  • Water requirement: A water pump (pressure washer) capable of delivering at least 500 psi
  • Temperature: The outdoor wet bulb temperature must be below 28F to operate.


This is the snow gun (image 2) only, please note that the stand is not included by default. A tripod stand kit (tripod legs are not included) can be purchased as an optional add-on item! An operation manual and instructional video will be included with detailed instructions on how to set up and successfully make snow this snow gun! When you make a purchase from us, you will receive dedicated support, guaranteed.

Recommended Air/Water Flow Rates
  • Compressed air requirement:  At least 2 cfm @ 90 psi
  • Suggested water flow: Up to 3.5 gpm @ 400-800 psi

Inlets (air & water):

  • Air inlet: 3/4″ NPT
  • Water inlet: 3/8″ NPT

Optional Specifications

As our customers often have different equipment (compressors, pumps, hoses), we do not ship the snow gun with any fittings by default. To connect the snow gun to your compressor and pressure washer, you’ll need some fittings. These needs will vary based on your equipment, and most fittings can be purchased either locally or online with fast shipping. To remove the guess-work, we offer some fittings as optional add-ons here. Please note that in some cases, the air/water connection add-ons may ship separately from the snow gun, directly from the supplier to you. As such, some assembly will be required.

Additionally, our tripod stand kit is available as an optional add-on as well. The kit includes the necessary parts to build a tripod stand compatible with your snow gun, as shown in the images. Please note that the tripod legs (three pieces of pipe) are NOT included, and can easily be purchased at a local store.

We also offer a garden hose to air compressor adapter, allowing you to use a garden hose as your air line connecting the compressor to the snow gun (recommended). If you choose to add this fitting, we recommend selecting “garden hose adapter – male” under “air connection”.


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