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Dustin's snowmaking in Texas
I'm extremely happy with Snow State's snow guns at our snow sledding hill in Texas. In the South, snowmaking can be a challenge, but Snow State comes through even in the most marginal conditions. We need to produce a lot of snow in a short amount of time, and our system gets it done thanks to Snow State's design.
Snow State is a partner you can trust for all of your snowmaking needs
Dustin R.
I was running your snow gun today at 34°F (wet bulb 26°F) and tested it versus my old [competitor snow gun] and even my small [competitor] fan gun. Yours outperformed both!!!! I was particularly surprised that it even outperformed the fan gun. I was quite impressed with the quality of the snow your gun put down especially given the marginal temps.
Lou F.
New York
I have installed a Snow State nucleation manifold on all three of my snow guns. Many of my temperature windows in south central PA are marginal and these products allow me to make snow consistently. Operating tall guns can be labor intensive with an adjustable mixing valve, but the fixed flow rate of the nucleation manifold solves that problem completely. Long story short: It’s a great design that’s worth it’s weight in gold. They just work. Every time.
Steve K.

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